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Fanfic by Karabair

(R) Wesley and Roger Wyndam-Pryce
They say that you can't go home again, but Wesley was never very good about taking advice.  In this post-"Lineage" AtS S5 story, he visits the only home place and tries to get some closure with his father.  Backstory and Lewis Carroll references abound.  Fits in canon.

(NC-17) Wesley/Lilah
Wesley should really learn to read the fine print.
From CrazyDiamondSue: Dark, seductive and powerful, this story delves into why sometimes it's really not always about holding hands.

(PG-13) Buffy, Giles, The Immortal
Post-"Chosen." Life after Sunnydale getrs more complicated when Buffy meets an ancient, mysterious creature who may or may not be evil. What are the chances he'd be her type? 

 It Isn't Even Past (Series) by Karabair
(PG-13 overall) Buffy & Faith (references to Buffy/Spike)
Post Season-7 "Chosen." Buffy and Faith meet up in Rome. Unfortunately, their past comes with them.

Banner cribbed from Stephanie

 All That Ends Well by Karabair
(R) Wes/Illyria / Spike/Buffy
Wes gets scruffy; Spike misses Buffy.

 La Dolce Morte by Karabair
(R) Spike/Buffy
Spike and Buffy in Rome. Continuation of "All That Ends Well."
Sue's Note: This is my favorite of Karabair's Buffy stories, if only for the Chipmunk Heart reference alone. I think she's done a great job writing Spike, although she modestly claims she just throws in the random "sodding" and "bloody hell."

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